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Question Whats a reasonable price for a comission?

Hey guys! I was just wondering, what would you consider a reasonable price for a comission? I got cursed out because I am on a budget, and didn't feel the need to pay more than $50 for a simple shirt. However, at the same time, I see people paying upwards of an arm and a leg for a costume I could make for $30 or less. I understand a lot of comissioners pour their heart and soul into their cosplays and need to get something out of it to make it worth while, but still, isn't there a point when it is just too expensive? I ain't looking for a fight, just wondering!

Btw, I do comissions on the side. I haven't charged anyone more than $125 for a costume. I don't see a reason to charge someone more than what they would pay for one online.
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