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Originally Posted by Ashi13 View Post

Hi, and do not worry it is okay!
Yeah, i'm not a great cosplayer but i like to cos.. Teheh
Oh okay, i'm glad, i got the photo page on FB up now.
where i will put up all the pictures i've taken at the cons and all.

and a picture of myself so everyone knows how i look.

Yeah, i was wondering, where we would all meet up, to find you all.
Like a sign would be nice ^^ or what cosplays to look for on that day?

On sat. i think i'm cosplaying as Shuichi from Gravitation.
and on Sun. i'll be Ritsuka from Loveless.
But i'm not sure just yet, if so.
-----(And still figuring out if i'll be able to go). :]

Ah, i don have a cell phone number, i have an ipod and i use an application for a phone-number. i'm able to text, but with wifi around. the number is: (657) 777-4360

I hope i can find you guys, heheh, i dont really want to just be there by myself. (lil-lol)

Every one starts somewhere, it's okay.
Oh fun. I love taking pictures at conventions.

Well I'm still not sure what I'll be wearing, I have to talk with my partner~
Oh alrihgty. We'll just have to find a time and location to meet up.
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