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Already had the food and walking around part in mind lol. I'm hoping I can talk my friends into coming to Sakura-Con. They're still debating, since we're already going to Emerald City Comicon at the start of March. If they don’t come to Sakura-Con, this will probably be the first time I’ve ever gone on a trip solo (it’s going to be so weird.)

I’m sure I’ll find some way to pass the time Thursday night; though I’ve never even been to Seattle. Wait no, I’ve never “stayed” in Seattle before; I did drive through it on a bus trip to the middle of Canada years back, but yeah, that’s about it.

I’ll probably have some last minute prep to do anyway before Sakura-Con starts. I still need to figure out how to style a wig, once the wig I ordered for my Kakashi cosplay arrives (this will be my first time cosplaying really.) Pretty excited about the con, I’ve wanted to go to an anime convention for years now.

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