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>>Thank you so much! Reading over the script I DIFFIDENTLY didn't make it clear, up until the point were Karkat goes to hide, he'll be the only one on stage. Him and Gamzee are talking through something similar to 'MSN' or Skype. That's why he had no idea were Karkat was. On stage, we plan on having a laptop set up and haveing those 'MSN' like bings just before Gamzee says anything

I hope that clears that up? I'll go add a little bit explaining that in the original post. I can't believe I forgot those stage directions! <<

Okay, that makes a LOT more sense. I read the revised version, and that is much better. I think people unfamiliar with the series should be able to understand this skit now.

I would second Amanita's concern about the language allowed at the contest. You might have to substitute a few words if swearing is not allowed on stage.

Good luck with your skit!
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