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I second the 'misuse' of pieces meant to restrain other things. I've noticed my underbust 'corset' or, as they're called now, body slimmer (which looks either like a corset with bra hooks instead of laces or giant rubberbands made in the size of a torso and out of a stretch subtance similar to ace bandages) works wonders for flattening my tiny chest. All I have to do is bump up the underbust body slimmer a few inches and I have a painless, skincolored, flat surface. I actually got the idea from a show I saw about a woman getting a sex change and she used one of the body slimmers meant to accentuate your waist to hide her chest until she could afford a *cough* removal and was passing off well as a man in the mean time.

^_^'''''''' I like to cheat.

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