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Grr, I'm kinda stuck right now. I currently have 3 costumes I'm working on, Weiss, Eva, and Black Cat, and I can't really work on any of them right now.

Weiss is for my bf, and I can't work on that unless he's here, which isn't a lot, and right now he's visiting his parents, so he won't be back til late Monday night.

Eva I'm technically working on, but it's all waiting on liquid stitch to dry, so I only get to 'work on it' for 5 minutes at a time, then I have to wait 2 hours for the ls to be dry so I can move onto the next part.

Black Cat is pretty much done except for the top, and I can't work on that til I get a new bra so I can shape the skin tight cat suit top accordingly.

So as of right now, and for the next 2+ days, I have NOTHING I can work on, on any of these costumes ... however, I do have the material to start on my Nami costume, so I could work on that, but if I don't manage to finish it in the next couple of days, then I'm suddenly going to have 4 costumes to work on, which for me, is twice the amount I usually work on at once, and I'm scared I'll start feeling too overwhelmed.

So what do I do?
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