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Also another thing is how good your photographer is, and your photo locations. You can have an AMAZING costume, that is highly highly detailed, overly extravagant, and just all around perfect, but in a sea of photos, it's not really going to stand out if the pictures you're posting are taken with a crappy camera by someone who just picked up an average camera and snapped a picture in front of a crowd of people in a badly lit building.

However, even if your costume ISN'T overly detailed or extravagant (but still well made), if you do a photoshoot in a location that is perfect for your character, and your photographer is experienced, knows what they're doing, and does great editing to the photo, your picture will still stand out and look amazing.

It's not always just the costume that makes people stand out, there are a lot of other things that go into 'standing out from the rest'.
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