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I've been fighting a sinus infection all week, which means I haven't gotten anything done.

Well, almost nothing. I started assembling the hat for my Pinkie Pie Pirate costume... which is essentially me going "eh, I'll wing it. How hard can it be to make a pirate hat?"

I managed to make the hat, vaguely based off her Gala dress hat... however, the amount of flounce, floof, and general stuff I have for this is going to be somewhat epic. I've got cotton candy floof trim, tiny gemstones, ribbons, blue bias tape that matches the bodice, and miniature Venitian lace in blue. Then, to top it off, there shall be a spray of pink on pink feathers coming from one of the turned up sides.

Also, I have just found that clothes pins (the old fashioned wood ones) work great for holding trim to felt while the tacky glue dries...
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