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What everyone said is very true. The minute detailing can really make or break you. Also, just taking the time to finish everything properly can make a big difference. I've seen a lot of costumes that really attracted me at a distance, but then when I got up close they were still good, but I could tell the hem wasn't finished cleanly (like it wasn't rolled and you can see threads from the fabric fraying) or it wasn't pressed. I'm really nit picky about that kind of stuff because if you are going to take the time to make something really nice, you might as well go that final step and do the little things that can not only make it more presentable, but also make it last longer. Fraying seams will tear quickly and you will only get a wear or two out of it. Serged or French seams will last so much longer and make your costume appear of a better quality in the long run.
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