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I am so excited to experiment with making Sailor Fuku bust armor from Sparkle Pipsi's tutorial tomorrow. *u* If all goes well and I like the results, I can use one leotard for Super and S Saturn, since the sleeves attach to the bust armor part. I think I'm only concerned about sewing lycra to fleece (I don't think I've ever sewn such two different fabrics together before in terms of stretchiness and thickness), getting the right smooth shape around the edges, and whether snaps may need to be involved to prevent upwards slippage since I have such a big bust.

Looking up the wonders of craft foam armor, I'm still scratching my head as to why I've never considered giving it a try before for S Saturn's shoulder petals. It would be unbelievably simple to try, too, all I need to do is cut the petals out of foam and slip them into lycra pockets like socks. Pretty much all I want is structure with some flexibility without catastrophic structure-compromising creasing.
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