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Originally Posted by KnightJeran View Post
Hello all~

I'm working on my Chell cosplay (with my friend as Cyborg/Android Glados) and all I have left is the wig and shoes. Since she wears a relatively low ponytail, I'm thinking I can just manipulate a thinner wig into one, since her hair is kinda thin and wispy. As for the boots, what has everyone else been doing? They seem pretty difficult to get right and accurate, and I've seen a lot of different things...

I plan on making a light up Wheatley though! That'll be fun!
i haven't made any long fall boots myself, but the two main variations i've seen are either with the heels or without. without, you'd have to worry about walking only on your toes or else falling over, but it'd be more accurate and looks pretty cool. if you're more keen on safety then accuracy, i'd say there's no shame in keeping the heel as i've seen plenty of cosplayers just paint it black to match the metal dealy that curves down the back and having that piece actually attached to the heel on the bottom.

anyway, here's a thread on here where they threw out some ideas:

also, if you like pictures like i do, i found this thread on a different forum where they show their process step-by-step:

good luck with the light up wheatley, too!! i'm working on a glados cosplay right now and plan on having a light-up headpiece.
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