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Originally Posted by SparkyCat13 View Post
Hey! I'm gonna be Jellal from Fairy Tail this year.

My friend and I noticed last year that there are always several Erzas, but we've never once seen a Jellal, and she really wanted there to be one, so I decided I'd do it! XD

She'll be accompanying me as Erza as well.

This will be my fifth A-Kon, but I've never been to the Hilton. I was a bit nervous about it being at a new hotel, but the positive comments about it earlier in this thread made me feel much better about it.

I'm also planning on making my own costume for the first time. Any advice for a first-time costume sewer? XD;
I'm so happy to see more people planning Fairy Tail costumes! I will hopefully have my Juvia costume ready for A-kon and probably will wear it Friday at the con.

As for advice: get started now! You don't want to end up rushed for time and end up with a bad cosplay. Also, don't hesitate to ask questions. People will readily assist you in finding patterns or pointing you to the right fabrics to use. Also: patience. And if you learn this one, please for the love of all that is holy, let me know how you do it. I preach patience with costumes all the time but can find myself getting exasperated very quickly.
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