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No no, Sparky, don't be sorry--I am simply one of those types of cosplayers who prefers to be unique in terms of which character(s) they bring to a convention. Personal preference. If I did bring Erza, yes, it would be the Robe of Yuen, mostly because I don't have time to do anything more complicated. My next intended project, assuming I don't turn back to Sif, would be Raitei no Yoroi. Along with re-doing all of the armor for cosplays I already have.

Though to be honest, at this point, whether or not I even get to make a second costume is fully dependent on how much free time I have between now and the Kon. I'll be in school until May 18, and the only times I get solid blocks of work done are on the weekends. There's not that many weekends between now and the Kon. I just have too much of a homework load with accelerated college courses.
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