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The photos from CosplayDesu, my cosplay shop, has been stolen by

Do not use! They are a scammer and this is a warning to everyone.

Hello. My name is Annie Han and I own an Etsy shop called CosplayDesu.
Recently, I came accross this website which not only have stole my photos to commit fraud, but have downright copied Etsy's interface.
They have copied pretty much every photos on my shop. They have cropped out the part where it says 'costume & design by cosplaydesu'.
Here are the stolen photos.

And here are the original photos.

I am not associated with them and I have e-mailed them asking them to take down the photos but they have ignored my e-mail.
They are using my photos and Etsy interface to commit fraud and I am not the only victim. They have stolen photos from other Etsy shop as well.
This is another etsy seller and most of her photos have been stolen as well.

It seems like they just regularily visit Etsy to steal photos.
Is there anything that I can do about this? I really don't want to see my work or Etsy to be used for a fraud. I contacted Etsy but they couldn't help.
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