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My tips, as a con-goer who has gone to Anime Expo AX since 2010, but has never stayed in hotel 'cause I'm on a budget and thankfully it's not *too* far....

Bring snacks and water! You will get hungry. Now, problem is, what about your cosplay? Will have a bag or backpack with you ruin it? For me, I was lucky my black bag I carried looked good with my cosplay. So if you're cosplaying a non-fantasy-ish character, it might work. Otherwise, if you have a non-cosplaying friend willing to carry the bag, that's good too.

Have a camera, full battery. Trust me, you'll feel sad when you see some awesome cosplays and don't have a camera to photograph it (note that it is always polite to ask permission before taking pictures).

Deorderant is a good idea. People tend to sweat in cons. Especially if you have a heavy costume in the summer.

If you can, try to have comfortable shoes, or shoes you already broke into to be comfortable. You'll be walking a lot, sometimes without a chance to sit.

If you're only going to the con for 1 day, or are driving back and forth to the con 'cause you can't afford a hotel, be sure to already be ready to go EARLY in the morning, depending on the distance the con is from your house or wherever you're staying. Trust me, it's good to arrive at a con early so you can experience it to the fullest, especially if you cannot stay for the evening.

If you tend to buy stuff (you probably will, the Exhibit Hall has too much good stuff to pass up) try not to buy more than you can handle carrying, or be sure that your bag/backpack you might be lugging around has room for it. Otherwise, you might have to make quick stops to your hotel (or your car) to put it away. It's better to travel light, especially if you cosplay!

That's all the advice I have for now ^.^
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