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Best things? Hmmm....

My first Anime Expo AX was in 2010. This was cool because I went with my friends who had NEVER gone to a con before, either, so we got to experience it together! The funny thing is, it was one day in church my friend mentioned there was a convention nearby going on in July (had no idea we had cons not far). We didn't even know if we got to go, it was mainly a daydream, but then we ended up going! And later on, I found out I had just attended THE LARGEST con in North America, sweet! Also, though we didn't realize it then, we saw the girl perform (it was the end, though) the opening song for "K-On!". Later, my brother started to watch the show and looking back at the video, it was the singer singing it! Also this was the con that made me want to cosplay. I used to think it was weird, until I saw it in real life <3

At AX2011, it was my first time as a seller in the Artist Alley. I'm part of an online manga magazine and I got to sell with two fellow mangaka I knew well and got to meet them for the first time in real life! Since I was into more anime and manga, I recognized a lot more cosplayer and got to take lots of neat pictures. My first experience cosplaying, though it was only the school uniform of my own manga.

At AX2012, despite all the drama that went on, I went to my first cosplay gathering. My first time cosplaying as an anime character (meaning, not my own character), Mayuri Shiina of Steins;Gate. When we all gathered, people with cameras just appeared out of nowhere, sop we all gathered for photos! And one of the Okarins had the one device that showed the world line. So epic! Also, I got Monica Rial's autograph! She's my favorite voice actress and she seemed really fun and sweet, I even got a picture with her.

Best experiences ever <3
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