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Originally Posted by trmbngrl View Post
I have those laugh lines as well and I'm not even old!!! *cries*
Photoshop might be your friend to fix otherwise good pictures, as might putting super sensitive moisturizer before your concealer so they are slightly mixed and won't dry your skin out. That shows cracks in the makeup which make them look even worse I've found. ;A; So I always start with the dry parts of my face when putting on foundation. Also taking shots from slightly above the cosplayer seems to help. Not too much or you get like a creepy face or a huge neanderthal forhead look. lol

My eyes are recessed and having just a bit of light on my face also helps make my eyes look brighter. Straight on light or diffused light from the area does this without a harsh flash. Taking pictures when it's overcast (yay for living in Washington lol) and in a room next to a window but not in the window can help.
I dunno just what I've found.
this help sooo much!! thanks! i also have chubby cheeks and deep-set eyes. makes posing for pictures a real toss-up sometimes. XP
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