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`Couple Cosplays??`

For the upcoming con, my girlfriend and I would like to do one more couple cosplay in addition to our Eureka and Renton cosplay that we'll be doing on one of the two days of the convention. The convention is fairly new, so it's pretty small, which means we would rather save difficult-to-do cosplays for the bigger con in October. We don't know which couples to do though! We're fine with any ship (gay, les, hetero, doesn't matter) , or favourite couple of yours as long as the costumes aren't too revealing. They don't allow that at the convention.
This is my girlfriend:

She's willing to buy wigs, contacts, etc. Doesn't mind cosplaying boys or girls.
This is me:

I'm not very willing to buy contacts, but if the cosplay is awesome enough, I could do it. I don't mind cosplaying girls or boys.

We'd like to be somewhat unknown characters, for the sake of having original cosplay characters to cosplay i.e. no Naruto, Bleach, popular anime, popular comics, popular manga, or over cosplayed characters such as Miku.

Thank you!
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