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Help... Sound Box?

My awesome idea is this... I want to trick out one of those battery powered little kid riding jeeps to look like the jeeps from Jurassic park and have a bunch of my friends dress up as raptors and chase the guy in the jeep. The problem i am running into is i don't know how to make something that would play the raptor call from the movie. I have the clip that has the noises but i don't know what or how to make anything that would play the sound whenever we wanted. I was thinking something like those push button boxes that come in dolls and such that make repetitive noises, i just don't know how to change the sound or make one from scratch. I need something simple and relatively inexpensive. I also would like it to be kind of loud not super annoying loud but loud enough that i could be heard 20 or so feet away.
thanks for any help you can give!
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