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Gravity Gun (Half-Life 2)

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I began working on a Gravity Gun prop from the game Half-Life 2 in the first couple weeks of December, 2012 as the first in a series of props for a few accompanying costumes. After about 2 months of work (with some time off around the holidays), I'm probably around 70% finished.

The gun breaks down into two distinct halves, and the majority of parts were either laser cut acrylic or 3D printed plaster which was then molded and cast in resin. The very front barrel "fans" were simply laser cut acrylic. The crystal bars are 3D printed plaster, and the bar "cages" are stacked acrylic. Both of which were molded and cast to create the 6 copies required for the weapon. The rear base of the gun is entirely 3D printed plaster, which is being molded to create a hollow resin casting.

Having a background in 3D editing, I started out with a game model. Unfortunately, the original models from the game are hopelessly, hilariously low resolution. The two available models in the game are either missing 70% of the model, or so low resolution that it's nearly impossible to discern anything. Good thing for me there is a user made high resolution model available! (Original model source here.)

The plan was to break the weapon down to the individual components, re-model each of them in higher resolution, and then export whatever was needed. Below is the final version of the 3D model for the rear base which would be 3D printed.

And here's the whole thing put together, for context:

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