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Soo.....incoming Jacks, anyone? Was having one of those "you know you're a cosplayer when" moments, during the episode, when I found myself with thoughts like:

New character. Break it down.
Green. Green is good.
Bodice is kinda low for me.
Good layering, though.
Leather? Or some sort of silk?
Plot, Moofy. There is a plot. Not just costumes.
Snirk. James and his evil black puffy shirt.

On my end, Red's skirt's almost done! Just need to create that tack up point and it should be good to go. Next up will be petticoat, when I have a chance to monopolize the dining room table for fabric cutting.

Originally Posted by touchmon View Post
Very sad to find out that my OuAT group is falling apart. Both the person who wants to cosplay Belle and the one who wants to be Rumple lost their jobs. And my Snow is having trouble too. I am going to be a lonely Red. T_T
Ugh, that's no fun. Maybe you will luck out and you will run into other cosplayers, though! What con are you debuting it at?
Cosplay Plan of Attack:

Umm.... nothing at the moment is being worked on.
All creative power diverted to FanExpo Artist's Alley table! Yay! Accessories and such!

Costume Con 32 was AMAZING!!!!
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