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Originally Posted by ne0ven0m View Post
And now, even though I stay at at a host hotel, I still park my car at a MARTA station and take the train to get off at Peachtree Station (nearest exit point to the con, not Civic Center like someone said above).
Psst: It's Peachtree Center Station. :P

Civic Center will get you to the con, but you'd have to walk about 7 blocks. It's just much easier to get off the train at Peachtree Center. When you do get off the train at Peachtree Center, there are four stairwells. Look for the sign that points to Hilton and Sheraton, and you'll need to go up that stairwell. Up the loooooong escalator to P'tree Center is a food court where mostly everyone at Dragoncon gets their meals! Lots of fast food options, including a few gluten-free and milk-free options.
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