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Thanks for the suggestions and your opinions! :3
We had our first recording two days ago, and it went fairly good, so we're going with that instead of subtitles.

I have one more question though, sorry. Will a skit be automatically be labeled "bad" if the english isn't perfect?
We are doing a higurashi no naku koro ni skit, and the person playing and being the voice of Rika had a lot of trouble saying her lines right when Rika is in her "serious" mode where her voice is very mature, and she also says a lot of complex words. So after we heard trough everything again and again, my other friend, who is the voice of Rena, and I both agreed that I would be a lot more suited to being the voice of "serious" Rika, because I have a darker more mature voice, and my english is better. But we have no idea how to tell her, because if I do "serious" Rika's lines she will only have two lines to say, and we know that she thinks it is really fun to do the voice acting.
Should I tell her? I know that she will say yes, but she'll probably be hurt.
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