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AAAAAAAAAND here's Johnny!

Thank you all for helping me out when I was asking for help about binders but I have to say that I'm back. Why?
That's why.

Do you see that? That boobage? Ffft damn, it doesn't even look like I'm wearing a binder. Well probably cause I'm not....-sweatdrop- I was wearing an extra small/small sports bra and at the end of the three days at Comic Con I had welts going down my neck to my shoulder blades. Not very pleasant...

So since you now know/have an idea of what my upper body looks like, which binder do you think will be best to cover all of that? (and I mean ALL OF THAT, TUMMY INCLUDED). I am 5'8/5'9, 38A/38B.

After looking at the photos again...It doesn't look like I would really need a binder that much, however does it look passable? I am kinda nit picky with my crossplays so ><;

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