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Vocaloid AB 2013

I was wondering if anyone would be interested in doing a Vocaloid (& Black Rock Shooter & Kagerou Days) gathering during AB.

I'm going to cosplay as Len, though I'm not sure which version I would cosplay. I'm currently leaning towards Poker Face Len, but it really depends if I can find a group or a partner. I could also possibly be Senbonzakura Len, Love Is War Len, or Aa Subarashiki Nyansei Len.

If anyone is interested in doing a gathering, let me know! Also, if anyone is cosplaying from Poker Face, Senbonzakura, Love Is War, or is cosplaying as Aa Subarashiki Nyansei GUMI and would like to hang out for a bit or for the day, let me know also!
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