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Originally Posted by Royalbakaness View Post
I agree. I've been to Otakon twice, and while I enjoyed it, it wasn't the same as AB. It's definitely too big for me. AB does seem to have a homey feel to it.
While I don't personally know any of the staff, I can tell they put their heart into this con.
And hey, I had a couple of the staff at Otakon say how great AB was when they found out we were from the Boston area ^_^
Me as well. Just 2011 and 2012 for Otakon. Maybe that's the problem. I also didn't like how the con extended another two blocks for the Masquerade. x_x.... Our restaurant of choice down there was Hard Rock Cafe too, which though it wasn't in the con's exact area, it also stretched us quite a bit far. I don't know any of the staff personally, but I HAVE talked to Adam, Pat D and Jekka before. Just minor chitchat for one reason or another, but God, are they all great.

I never talked to the Otakon staff. The ladies handing out the badges were awfully nice at Otakon though. As for the rest of the con staff at Otakon though, I never really saw or talked to any. Most issues I might have had were them doing their jobs. Told me to put my camera away in the artist alley.... understandable. Only negative thing was my friend was stopped and forced to write a name on his badge because he didn't have a name on his badge.... (I didn't either, I feel the badge isn't sullied if I leave it blank, so I covered the name area with my finger) I don't see why a name would matter, since you can easily write anything like "Ichigo" on it, and anyone can still use the darn thing. :/
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