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Name: For now call me Unaki. I am a 22 year old male (23 on Jan 28)

Location: Southern Kentucky (No I am not a hick nor do I sound like one) I live somewhat close to Nashville, TN too.

Summary: I have lived in KY all my life and have traveled to several states on vacation trips. I have family in the northern states, in the east and even in the southern states. My family is quite large but that is besides the point. I spend most of my time on my computer and working on side projects including costuming. I am not the best costumer but I have the resources to get something done when I need it. I tend to try and fill up my time with as many conventions as possible and cosplay at each one.

I can easily travel to a lot of non-local conventions and my home convention is MTAC in Nashville during the spring season. Outside of that I regularly attend AWA and even Momocon with many smaller outings in between.

When I am not costuming I am working my way, or at least trying to, into the professional scene in League of Legends or I am playing around with LEGOs or hanging out with my friends. Lately though I have been feeling a bit lonely and would love someone that could be a little closer than my friends could ever be.

I am a loving and caring individual and help those out who need it when I can and don't mind spending a little money on my friends especially if it means I can hang out with them. I don't actually have a job (Medical reasons, nothing contagious, lets not discuss yet) but I am constantly on my feet and can support myself and others without trouble.

Interests: GAMES! Lots of them! No I am not a "Mario gamer" who only likes Mario. I have a Wii U, 360, 3DS, PS Vita, Genesis, NES and emulate a lot of other systems I own titles for. I play games to have fun and recently I have been wanting to expand a little bit. I hope to expand and become known within the gaming communities as a strong League of Legends player and spend a lot of my free time bettering my gameplay so I may one day end up on the season championships stage and possibly have my name engraved on the Summoner's Cup. For those who wish to know, my main champion is Elise.

My current non-gaming interest is LEGOs. Yes I am nearly 23 years old and I play with LEGOs. They really are quite fun to mess with.

ANIME! Of course I love anime. In my opinion Gurren Lagann is one of the best series to ever be conceived and will always have a place in my heart no matter what comes along. I myself am not too big on over-done anime that extends past 100+episodes or spans 1000s of chapters in a manga (Bleach, naruto, etc.) and tend to avoid them though it doesn't mean I wouldn't cosplay a character if it were desired. The only exceptions to this rule at this time are Fullmetal Alchemist (The series is just so...GOOD! The story is very gripping and its hard not to like the characters) and Soul Eater. Black Star is the most overpowered character in the series. Who else can bend plasma beams with their bare hands?

As far as nonstandard stuff like OVAs are concerned my favorites have to be Star Driver, Summer Wars and Redline. Redline of course is quite possibly my most favorite movie in recent years that isn't live action due to it being completely hand drawn and featuring crazy vehicles reminiscent of Wacky Racers. My current project with LEGOs is to build the Crab Sonoshee hoverjet and I am slowly getting started there.

Small side interest that really isn't a big deal: I like MLP. No I am not a "brony" and no I don't go crazy over figures and such. I just think the show is cute and fun.

I have a ton more interests other than what is listed and I don't want to take up a lot of space.

Looking for: New friends, people to hang out with at conventions, etc. Also seeking a relationship with someone who doesn't mind someone who can get a bit more "nerdy" than most. Other than that I am looking for buddies who wouldn't mind trying to do group cosplay (Currently into Sengoku Basara). Maybe even someone who doesn't mind my own group of friends that can get a little...weird in a fun sense.

Note on travel: I can easily make a somewhat distant relationship work. I honestly don't consider anything less than 2 hours long distance as that is merely a chunk of time rather than a long drive. Gas isn't an issue.
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