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I think it's cool to cosplay as obscure characters! They deserve some love to. And the whole point is to have fun. I cosplayed for AX2012 as Mayuri Shiina from Steins;Gate. Although it was known Funimation picked it up, no dub was out yet. I watched it sub only as it premiered on Crunchyroll and totally wanted to cosplay her, because she's my favorite character. Before attending the actual gathering, I was stopped for 1 photo. However, even if it was only 1 solo photo, I still had fun. I was my favorite character from one of my all time favorite anime. True, I got more attention when I found other Steins;Gate cosplayers and the gathering started, but I thought it was cool I was recognized by at least 1 person by myself. And I'll be wearing her again this year!

Just put a lot of love into your costume, and rock that character! Cosplay is about fun and giving tribute to a character you like ^o^
Completed Cosplays!
Mayuri Shiina (Steins;Gate) {worn at; Anime Expo AX2012}
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Hajime (Hamatora)
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