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As it's been said a couple times, I won't say anything other than Gameworks. xD" I love going even just for a few hours. I tend to hit pre-reg kind of late so it works out almost perfectly that I get there either just before or just after the deal starts. c: Plus it's nice to meet people you'll be spending the weekend with and get to know people too! And it's super fun. 10$ play all night. Amazing. xD"

The other I thing I like doing is just walking around the general area of the convention center. Get into the feeling of con, find out how long it takes to walk/take the bus to things (I'm normally driving most cons, but not this year...!), do last minuet hotel/car food and drink stocking... That and get settled in the hotel room. We have a super packed room this year. D: Three cosplayers, one non but with a crap ton of make up. Ffffff-
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