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Cost of commission is a combination of the commissioner's expertise in costuming, materials, and studying reference pictures for your character. So while it may seem absurd to drop, say, $800 for a coat for your costume (I use this example because this is something I need to do for Jack), but you need to consider what material it is made of, the skill of your commissioner, the techniques use to make the coat, how long it takes, the accuracy in terms of detail and proportion, etc.
So yes, you will be receiving just the end result, but if you think about everything that goes into it, then the price starts to make more sense. For example, a commissioner who is going to do a great deal of pleating, embroidery, or hand stitching on your costume is going to charge much more than if they were going to use alternative techniques to create the costume (i.e printing a design onto a costume in lieu of hand embroidering, or substituting cotton for linen)

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