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Ramona Flowers Hammer Help

Hello there. The other Hammer threads are a few years old so I thought Iíd make a new one.

Iím cosplaying Ramona for Anime Boston and was wondering if it were possible to construct the hammer out of the materials I bought. I would like the hammer to look more like it does in the graphic novel rather than the movie, a rectangle on top of a wooden dowel.

I have a long wooden dowel and 2 styrofoam blocks that I was thinking of somehow gluing together with the dowel sandwiched in between. A tutorial I looked at suggested using some kind of base too, which Iím still looking for. I was thinking of covering both blocks with duct tape after I made an indent and using hot glue.

Do you think hot glue is a strong enough glue to hold the blocks together?

Another tutorial I looked at suggested using paper mache, but Iím afraid that it might crack if it bumps into something.

I kinda wish the weather were nicer so that I could spray paint outside, but it gives me time to think about how Iím going to approach this.

Thanks in advance for any suggestions.

And here's an image in case anyone needs to see:
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