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Originally Posted by Kagz View Post
Man I am glad I don't have to worry about school anymore. Loosing 40+ hours a week to work is enough for me. Not to mention all that time I waste sleeping, man if I could go with only 4 hours of sleep it would be the perfect scenario but alas I am getting old and anything less that 7 makes me a whiny baby. But Now is when all of my free time not in the gym or sleeping goes to crafting. I have to make up this last weekend of sleeping trying to get better as well as insure my diet is back to the right stuff to help me not get sick anymore.

I have to finish my stuff for Allcon, then make Squigly, Nayru, Felicita, and finish Sailor V for Akon.
I would kill to get 7 hours of sleep a night! Alas, insomnia kills me every night, so I've learned to function on 4-5 hours. It can help with cosplay work, though sometimes I'm too dead to want to sew or craft.

Originally Posted by Kagz View Post
I can't help myself I am to ADD to work on one costume at a time.
And this is how I feel about making costumes. I get bored with one, have to move on to something else, or I go nuts. I can't do just one thing, my mind refuses to think that linearly.
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