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Fleexes Body Slimmer

Fleexes Waist Nipper

I ran into the problem of my full skirts creating a line under my Marlene overdress, and I knew there had to be a solution. I know you wouldn't have seen them, not watching much TV, but these things have been being advertized on TV as the instant solution to those hard to smooth out love handles and such. The ones I linked to are the variety that have the bra hooks, but if you go to just about any department store and look around the lingere section you'll see a rack of them in different legnths, sizes, colors, and styles. Mine is almost exactly like the ones I posted, but is of a different brand. It has boning in it, so it doesn't lay as flat on my waist when I move it up, but I'd be willing to bet there wouldn't be as much of a problem with the other variety. To tell the truth, though, the flaired bottom was easily tucked into the pants I was wearing and, though the outfit wasn't very tight fitting, couldn't be seen. I've just started exploring this option, though, so I haven't really investigated throughly yet.
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