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Originally Posted by Kokoro View Post
The first was that I wanted to incorporate the white part of her skirt into the pants somehow, and I thought to make a part of the pants white, but I wasn't quite sure how to go about doing that. I was thinking of dying white dress pants, but that felt like it could get kind of messy. Are there any other ways to get pants that are black and partially white?
For the pants, you could consider just getting a pair of black dress pants, and some white fabric in a similar material. Then cut off one of the legs of the pants at a slant, cut open the seam and use that as a pattern for the white fabric. You could sew that up, and sew it back onto the pants in place of the leg you cut off.
Like this except you should probably choose where/how to cut?:

Originally Posted by Kokoro View Post
There's a noticeable patch of the sign of Virgo on her shirt. I considered using iron on, but the vest I will have won't be cotton or a cotton blend, and as far as I've been told, iron-ons only really work well with the aforementioned fabrics. Are there any recommendations to how I can get that Virgo sign on?
Originally Posted by Neelh View Post
You could put the Virgo sign on the end of the tie.
I agree with Neelh. Maybe if you used a white tie, so the green would contrast more. Also, the neckline of the dress is white, not dark green, so it would be more like the dress for the tie to be white, at least in my opinion.

And yeah, use fabric paint. It's useful.
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