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I have no idea what I'm doing Lol.

Name: Vae
Location: Frederick, Maryland
Gender: Male

Self Summary: Hmm, where do I even start xD. I'm 23 years old and turning 24 in Summer '14. I'm a photographer. I do
Weddings and Motorsports and it keeps me occupied. I want to take up Cosplay Photography but I just haven't commited to it lol.
At the moment I'm not attending College, however if the situation is right, I will return back to College but at this rate... It looks
like college won't be necessary at the moment.

Anyway! I'm originally from California and I've technically lived there my entire life. I finally moved away from California and to Arizona.
I lived in Arizona for a good year or so and then from there I moved to Maryland. I had a lot of good friends in Arizona, Cosplayers
if you will lol. But the move to Maryland has left me pretty lonely as I've yet to find any friends T-T. Searching though haha.

I suppose I should cut to the chase. I'm pretty outgoing, however I will not go out if there is no one to go out with. I'm a loser like that :>.
I also dance! I play the Guitar, Piano and Violin. <=== Typical Asian huh? T-T. None the less, I'm pretty much a kid at heart. I'm a kid most of time
and a grown up when I have to be one. I'm also really stupid most of the time but smart when I want to be. I've got a great sense of humor... but I think
that's just me being biased haha.

Likes: Blaaahhhh, I don't even know lol. I like a lot of things I guess. Anime, Video games, Mangas, Cosplaying, making music, animals....FROGS <3.
Uhhh. My likes are pretty vague :\ but I don't think I know too much about myself in terms of likes :C

Dislikes: Hmmm, I hate people who think they're above someone else because of their popularity or status. Heights, Spiders, Scropions
Annnnddd chyeah. That's pretty much it.

(I'm a pretty simple person as you can probably tell >.>)

What I am Looking For: To be honest, I'd just be happy to have friends lol. And if you're in Maryland or near the Frederick area... I'm
usually available. We can grab something to munch on or just watch anime or play video games, cosplay, and whatever we feel like doin.

As for relationships, I'm straight but I don't mind having gay friends as I actually have a few of them. On the other side,
Long distance relationships are no biggie for me and I don't mind them. BUT, in terms of a relationship, I'd like one but at the same time...
I wouldn't. Bad experiences I suppose but unless someone can prove to me that I won't be treated like poop then maybe.

^ Tired of being Romeo, I wanna be Juliet lol.
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