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Red's skirt's done! Plus, I cut out the petticoat fabric. Go me. And the petticoat fabric smells like that freshly laundered bounce sheet smell. <3 It's like to work with it like that.

Originally Posted by touchmon View Post
I was going to debut it at NYCC, but if my friends aren't going, I'm not either.So it is really up in the air when I'm going to debut Red.

When I saw Jack, I was actually disappointed she wasn't Alice. She did mention the Jabberwocky and the mushrooms and I got excited until she said her name. Lol. Also, I realized that I saw fur that would work perfectly for Red's fur coat/shawl thing from the episode. Unfortunately it was in the clearance section and someone else probably already bought it. T_T
Aww, well I hope it works out for you! Though, may it work out for you at a Winter convention because if your Red costume is as heavy and thick as mine, 'cause you will be dying of heat.

I swore it was Jack until the Jabberwocky comment, and then of course, I swore it was Alice. Heh.

I've been looking for an excuse to buy a hairy fur vest, so maybe I'll get one now, and pretend it for a Ruby "casual" cosplay.

@ Ani Bee - I haven't seen the teaser yet! I must fix that, like, NAO.
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I'm working on them... I swear!
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