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Originally Posted by Blood_Sword View Post
Maybe it was a summer weigh synthetic? I dunno.
But Kenshin's kimono is pink-ish in the anime so it's not all off...
The thinness I can live with, especially since I'll be wearing a juban. It actually works out better because I live in a place where it is perpetually summer, and if there's one thing I can claim to hate it's heat. It's the lightness of the red that bothers me. I don't want it to look pink with a juban. D: My mother insists I try dying it and refuses to acknowledge that synthetics don't like to take dye. Before I do anything with it, however, she's insisting I take it to my great aunt for judgement. Maybe it can be a more saturated red yet, if I can find a good poly dye.

Either way, if it doesn't work out, I'll just use it until I get a more saturated red (and hopefully I'll have a less color confused montior too!). Heck, I can even go under the excuse that I'm doing a mix of all the Kenshins - manga, anime and live action movie since the first kimono Live Kenshin wears is a super faded red-orangey thing.

EDIT: Actually, given the fact that it hasn't wrinkled, I'm pretty positive it's poly, which means it's dyable... Yeah, I can work with this. I'll edit it accordingly, use the scrap fabric I have from the hem to test how much dye I'll need and then test how the color looks over the juban. ... I'll just need to do this within two weeks after my theater work is done.

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