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For some reason this his me right in the feels! I was watching the movie 'the devil inside' it wasn't exactly scary but it freaked me out. The part when the lady had an inverted cross on her lip hit me hard. I'd check my lip constantly. I honestly believe that crosses have things to do with satan and blah blah. So I went to sleep (on to the dream) i was with my friend just running for some reason. In real life, we were going to some clothing store and in my dream were going to go again. It's like repeating what had happened in real life. It was very dull outside. The sky was a very dark blue and a contrast of dark green. There were many trees and houses and stuff like that. In real life we dont have that much trees because i live im Southern California. About 10 minutes away from disney land. For some reason, i felt that I wasn't alone at all. I told my friend that were being followed by someone or something. I'd go inside these empty houses to see if i can escape but i couldn't. I tried closing the doors but for some reason the doors wouldn't if the door way was to big for the door itself but when you look at it, it looks like it will fit but it didn't. All of a sudden i'm at my house. Down stairs came these two men from my room. I felt the same presence from when i was with my friend. They're demons came to my mind. I knew they were. They were following me and nothing will stop them from following me. In the middle of the living room was a baby. This baby was my child. I dont have kids in real life. The baby started crying and wailing brutally. Her eyes went black. She was super pale. My child was now posessed. ( i believe in god but i'm not religious at all) i started chanting these prayers and she just kept getting worse. I felt my throat closing as if someone was clenching my neck. The demons didn't want me to say those prayers because it's only obvious, they're demons. I kept on going on and on and soon she stopped. I now knew what was going on. My family started appearing and this is when i started realizing that i had to do something about this. I wanted them to be safe. I still had some sense of real life. Actually, i knew that i was dreaming. I knew that i was having a nightmare and in order to wake up, i had to beat it. As if it were a game or something because if i didn't beat, i was going to stay in this nightmare for ever. I made sure to distract those two men and succeeded. I told my mom and aunt to go out in the back yard and put the kids over the fence safely so we can escape. They all went and i was the last one. We started hurrying up so the demons won't catch up with us. There were demons literally everywhere, some were visible and some were not. I was leading my family and started believing that we actually escaped. We kept on going and next thing you know i get that same feeling again. The feeling of being surrounded, mocked at, and pitied at. I turn around and saw my grandfather. We were basically leaving the rest of my family members behind because they are not themselves. They are not possesed. They are demons in disguises. I felt my heart dropped. I had a knot in my stomach and my throat went dry. I wanted to cry but i couldn't cry. I was that stunned. I then started seeing those two men, my step dad, and those demons you couldn't even see but feel. I said, "They know everything. We can't escape them, we are here forever. Who are we to fool them? They know what we think and don't think, they are demons and we can't fool them." All that failure talk just made my head spin. I felt that i was going to vomit. I was worrying about my mom, brother and sisters, my aunt. I really felt that we were fucked up. We were in hell. That came to my mind. Hell. A demon was the one who said that me by my mind. Only to prove how powerful they are. Suddenly, i had this feeling. This feeling that i couldn't be defeated. I started saying all these chants and prayers and saying that you are no one, you're not real. After this, you just felt the rage from them. They were attacking me by stopping my voice. Like they were clenching my vocal cords. I kept on going and felt all the mockery and rage that spilled from them. In the end, i see this light that made me blind. It was a beautiful light and gave me a warmth feeling all over. I woke up. When I woke up, i was stretching but the weird thing is that usually when I wake up, my bones will like crack. Especially my back. My body felt like spaghetti. I was super flexible. My heart was pounding my chest. My top was soaken with sweat. My eyes were dilated. Super super dilated. 'Weird' i thought. I went to my mom's room upstairs and a sign of reliefe came out. I was crying and she woke up to comfort me. I told her about my nightmare and she said not to watch things like that because they can mess you up mentally. The only thing is that it felt so real. When i went upstairs my body felt wobbly. I told my friend of my nightmare and she said it could be that i was in a sleep paralysis. Guys, this nightmare was so trippy and it inspired me to write a book about it. And a comic. This is by far the most interesting nightmare ever. It doesn't scare me.
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