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Originally Posted by yamibakura03 View Post
Its cool and hmm you could try southern imports.

There friendly people and they should have ben nye in there store.
I always forget about that place, haven't been there in years. I'll have to try it, thanks!

Originally Posted by Rangiku12 View Post
Finally gained the courage to start planning a Sailor Moon cosplay. Been watching the anime for weeks now and really want to go for it despite a girl who kinda looks similar to me did her school uniform and was called very harsh,racist,and rude names. Must keep my courage up and just do it.
I'm sure you'll do great on the cosplay. People will say rude things no matter how great you look, mostly from their own feelings of incompetency. As long as you are enjoying yourself, who cares?

Originally Posted by Zaiten View Post
It's cool, a lot of the same actually! Like Rei is Rei, Mina is just Minako. Amy is Ami. Hotaru is the same.. pretty easy. They also did good on a few names, for example Michelle is Michiru. Kinda' has the same look to it.

The bonus of me being Jupiter is no wig. =P I could be lazy and use my own hair if I wanted to.
I've been wanting to do a Sailor Neptune cosplay for such a long time, partially because I want that wig. We should get a group together! If we can only get a few people and want to do the main group I would do Mars instead.
Currently working on: Hakuei Ren
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