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Originally Posted by octopusgal227 View Post
I live in frederick MD!! message me on tumblr if anyone wants to meet up or be friends yayay!!
Originally Posted by Vaesauce View Post
Kyyyaahhhh. I'm usually always on this site just reading around but as I'm new to Maryland and recently moved here. Lived here for almost a year now... I still don't know anyone T_T. So i've taken upon myself that I'd finally come here and search for people to be friends with like a loner i am lol.

None the less, I'm in the Frederick area also. Haven't really been anywhere else in MD besides Ocean City. If anyone ever wants to hang or go out for Boba Tea or Korean BBQ, Hit me up. Would be nice to have some cosplaying friends lol.
Hello Frederickians! It's a pleasure to be of your aquaintance. I currently live in Frederick as well, and it's good to see other cosplayers in the area. My friends and I are the ones who usually derp around super hero movie premiers in costume. XD
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