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Originally Posted by Ani_BEE View Post
I was think of adding Swarovski rhinestone to her wig and Cotton Candy dress/cuffs as well. Small one with give you sparkle with out them being to large and noticeable.

Might i ask when your doing her? I was thinking her or the Flame Princes for AN'14 for myself as well.
That's a good idea as well.

I'm not 100% decided to be honest. If I have time/funds I might do her for Youma '13, but we'll see. If that doesn't work then possibly AN for myself as well, although I don't know if I'll even be making it to AN '14. Haha, it's all kind of up in the air. If we both end up as Cotton Candy Princesses at AN '14 though, we'll have to get some photos together!
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