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Originally Posted by FunnyValentine View Post
hahah You just made me happy that you actually knew what Bloody Roar was. The Bloody Roar game I was referring to is Bloody Roar:Primal Fury. I had it for the GameCube. The more you know!
<3 Dudes, you totally made my day too! There should be more Bloody Roar lovers out there. I think it's friggin awesome! <3 Hahaha! Omg. On the gamecube?! I'm going to go seek it out right nowwww! <3 Hahahaha.

Originally Posted by aimee View Post
the point is, it's your choice. whether it's important to you or not. It's ok if having people recognize you is important to you. Just be honest with yourself and evaluate how you feel. And then choose!
Totally agree with you. :3 There is nothing wrong with wanting people to recongize you or even the opposite where you're doing it for your own amusment/self.
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