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Using "autism/autistic" (or sometimes even "aspergers/'sperging'") as an insult. This seems to be especially common in "certain corners" of the internet...
...I can't stand that, especially seeing how I'm autistic myself (aspergers). I just have a hard time staying in communities where this is common.
Though, the kind of people that tends to use it doesn't exactly seem to be too concerned with being "politically correct", and flings around all other kinds of slurs just because they think they're being soooo cool and edgy, lol look at those *insert racist/homophobic/ect. slur*s being so butthurt, gtfo the internet if you don't like it.

Oh yeah, that's another one. The whole "get off the internet(if you don't like it)/welcome to the internet" usually in response to someone being "offended" by something (that they often have every right to be offended by). The internet culture shouldn't be a free pass for acting like a dickbag and being as offensive as possible, where anyone "offended" just has to deal with it or leave. I can't stand that attitude at all. At least keep it in your own corners of the net. (Besides, in this day and age it would be pretty hard to literally "stay off the internet"...)
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