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Originally Posted by Amanita View Post
^Pretty much that. If people want to create their own spaces where they have free license to be as crass as they wanna be, then fine. Or if they want to join a community where that sort of behavior is the norm, fine. But keep it in those sorts of places, don't act like a dick in more civil communities.
Indeed! When I see it on "big" sites like facebook/youtube/tumblr/ect. i'm just "no, shut up. These sites should be ok for everyone to use."

Also "You just have to learn to laugh at it and take a joke" as a response to said kinds of offensive jokes targeting "your" group. No. I mean, great for you if you can personally laugh it off, but everyone can't. Sometimes people have reason to be offended by it. I can "take a joke", but there are subjects I'm sensitive about (or just really, really sick of, like kitchen/sandwich jokes) and I can't just "laugh them off", and honestly shouldn't need to just so other people can be free to make jokes like that. Similarily, "get a sense of humor". I do have a sense of humor, and those kinds of jokes just aren't funny.
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