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Originally Posted by JasonTerror View Post
Check out
They have a large variety of acrylic that you can get cut to size for some good prices.
If you are planning to do what they are doing just get transparent. It looks like they are using white paint (and blue for the sword stripes) but a very thin layer so the light comes through still.

Oh, and no, you need to "score" the plastic. Not use scissors. They won't work.
That site sells them. They are "plexyglass scoring tools"
Thanks! I will get to that then! She just made it look easy looking with scissors and made me think it was just regular plastic.

I've figured out what we need and got all my materials rounded up together but the problem now is finding a long enough led strip to fit in both. So all I need to do it buy them and put them together and hopefully have a tutorial out by March.
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