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Originally Posted by Fish-and-Chips-Yum View Post
On a similar note, posts that have the reaction picture: "This post gave me cancer" are really unsettling to me, even when the post it's responding to is stupid and facepalm-worthy. I have several friends/relatives/relatives of friends that have had cancer and/or lost a loved one to cancer. Thankfully, nobody very close to me has never had it, but I find the saying extremely distasteful regardless.
Amen. My mom passed away from cancer, and sometimes my friends slip out something like "I hope that guy dies from cancer." Unfortunately, cancer is a serious thing that really should not be joked about. Now, I have quite a margin of tolerance for humor, but there's a line that can be crossed.

I go to a public high school that has quite a number of colloquial delinquents. They constantly throw around racial slurs and profanity, but when they say "Dead ass!"(some sort of casual lingo for "seriously") I want to rip my hair out. Like, of all the things you could say to substitute the word "seriously," why does it have to be something that sounds so crude?
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