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I'm finally getting stoked for this convention! I didn't want to until I had my passport in hand (despite the fact that I had already paid for my con pass and booked my hotel), but now that I've got my passport and I know I am good to go my excitement is building like you wouldn't believe. I haven't attended this convention since 2010, and I loved it when I attended it that year. This is about my 3rd convention I am going to on my own, and while I know some people might think it's crazy that I like my solitude and think that groups are the way to go... I've been hauling groups around to cons with me from 2004 to 2010, and it had me pretty tired (especially since almost everyone I took was a minor). The only downfall of this is the cost of course, not having a roomie in a hotel is brutal on the wallet... kinda makes me wish I could snag a family member who just wants to go on a 4 day vacation in Seattle like I did in 2010, I went to the con and they went off and did their thing - it was a great system.
So far I have three cosplays lined up for this convention, Sebastian Michaelis (White Rabbit version, and regular version), Kurama (Dark Tournament - Karasu battle damage version), and Edward Elric (Switzerland cosplay version) <--- doing it for a girl on
I've only got a little bit more touching up to do on my Kurama cosplay to make the battle damage ship-shape, but other than that I am set and can't wait for the end of March to get here XD
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