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The masquerade is on Friday? Hmmm, I am going to have to make sure I check into my hotel before then and get myself switched around for it.
I never went to the masquerade when I was at Sakura-Con last... I didn't have anything to wear to it sadly. I was in a really simple Sophie Hatter cosplay, and I didn't have a mask or anything like that. Even if I had managed to pack more than just that cosplay I don't think I had anything else in my cosplay line up that would have worked for a dance like that. Luckily this year I've got a Sebastian Michaelis cosplay, woohoo 19th century tailcoat and all that jazz. I've also had a couple of people offer to lend me masks for this thing so I can start putting something kind of fancy together, I'd love to rig a smaller lily (in honor of some of my photo shoots) to fit in my lapel for a spring feel! Truthfully what I really wish is that I had a female cosplay I could bring with me for this event and get fancy with, but my years of crossplaying have come to bite me in the @$$ so the butler will have to do LOL. I'll be happy with it though, I know I will.
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