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Poofy Dress Fabric

I am working on making the dress from Dalian no Shoka seen here.
Since this is my first project using nicer fabric, I was hoping for a sanity check before I spend way too much money on fabric

The current plan is to base the dress on a hoop crenoline to give the layers support.
On top of that I plan on constructing a plain petticoat out of kona cotton to help hide the hoops and serve as a base for the other layers.
The next layer will be a cotton lawn with a kona lining to form the ruffled white layer. This is the layer I am most concerned about.
I had planned on using just the lawn but once I saw samples I'm afraid that it won't have enough weight to hold the ruffles up under the heavy top layer.
I'm hoping that the kona lining will accomplish this while still having the nicer look of the lawn.

The top layer skirt and overcoat is going to be black velvet with a lightweight cotton lining. I plan on using a light cotton or silk for the ruffle trims on the overcoat.

Thanks for any advice!
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