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Originally Posted by nathancarter View Post
My Steampunk group is at 10am and the DC photoshoot is at 2pm - so if you do noon-ish or later afternoon, I'll show up with my camera and lights for some portraits and a group shot.

The Universal (that is, non-Anime) costume contest is at 3:30 and the Anime costume contest is 4:30.
I'm pretty sure myself and the Axton and Moxxi I'll be showing up with will be in our cosplays all day. If anything we can try to start rounding everyone up at noon and see where we go from there ? I'll have to discuss it with all the BL cosplayers I know of personally to make sure.

What times are everyone else free for Borderlands cosplay if they were planning more than 1 costume for saturday ?
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He starts shooting.

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